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Born back in 1995 the SNEAKERS have been able to transform themselves and go beyond the stereotype of simple "tribute band", becoming a household name on the new wave music scene in Turin and beyond. The reasons for this artistic longevity certainly to be found in the strong cohesion and the impact that the live band can unleash at every concert ... After proposing with great success the show that emulated the Touring The Angel, the SNEAKERS appear on stage with the sets of the Devotional Tour 1993.

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The clash between electronic sounds made ​​with samplers, synths and sequencers, and sounds very "live" are proposed in the two-hour show from the .. SNEAKERS, ranging through the 3 key moments of the DM, the naive yet basic beginnings of the 80s Vince Clark (Just can not get enough), the long years with Alan Wilder, where were written important pages in the history of the band (and the list is endless here: suffice it to mention songs like Black Celebration, Never let me down again, Personal Jesus, Enjoy the Silence, Walking in my shoes, World in my eyes, Halo) without forgetting the latest works followed the abandonment of Alan Wilder (Home, It's no good, Freelove).

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In October 2004, the live show has been subjected to criticism the same DM who were pleased with the work done by defining the SNEAKERS one of the best tribute bands.



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