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MERQURY BAND a tribute to Queen

The MerQuryband for concept, does not want to be an imitation of the original, but wants to transmit the same passion that for years the Queen gave us, trying to tell a piece of rock music through the various periods and completing the whole, with theme sets to enrich the show more and more ...

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The MerQury band was born from an idea of ​​Ferdinando Altavilla singer and founder who, from an unbridled passion for Queen has made a reason for living, and a full-time job, taking advantage of the stage as a test bench for the realization of sets and transmitting to the public the passion seen by the eyes of a fan like Ferdinando, one that Queen really knows them.

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Over the years MerQuryband has undergone several changes in name and composition, starting from the first training: Over the years the MerQuryband underwent various changes by name and composition, starting from the first training: Ferdinando and Quasar, then Mercury Rising and the current MerQuryband, passing from 5 elements to 4, respectively Piano and voice, drums, bass and guitar, there are collaborations that see other musicians on stage, especially when the show requires more needs and tools remembering that it was the first in Italy, to invent a concert in acoustic, baptized .. AQUSTICO and to have experienced the first show with Pianoforte and Archi calling it: QUEEN-ARETTO

The Show Must Go On.

If you are not happy with the words, then come and see .......

MerQuryband ......... The Neverending Story.


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