DIRTY DOLLS - Rock And Roll Radio Show.

The 80s. A decade of music which has left us much, cause in the 80s there were KISS, VAN HALEN, MOTLEY CRUE, Steven Tyler with Aerosmith, the EUROPE with The Final Countdown which was the anthem of the Seoul Olympics. ...
These were the years of excess, the exaggerated hairstyles and economic well-being ...

DIRTY DOLLS it's all of that.

This project was developed with the aim of reviving the rock music of the 80s transmitted by radio and TV from all over the world, for which they have been working hard perfecting the sound and image in order to represent as closely as possible all those characteristics of that musical period, that means great technicals and scenic aspects.


Dirty Dolls Rock


Recently Their show was enhanced even further by adding some of the best rock hits from the radio of the 90s, 2000, and today, in a crescendo of power, involving the audience in a wave of energy and adrenaline in a succession of great emotions.

The band played in the best clubs and events in Northern Italy and Switzerland getting good response from the audience.
DDs had the honor of performing as an opening act for internationally acclaimed artists such as WHITE LION BLAZE BAILEY (former lead singer of Iron Maiden).



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