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MUSCLE MUSEUM - Official Muse Tribute - ^ in collaboration with Best Promotion Agency ^

MUSE OFFICIAL TRIBUTE - MUSCLE MUSEUM is a musical project that has been active since 2002. The aim is to re-propose the Muse's songs and performances, recreating the sound and visual effects of their live concerts, which allowed the British band to establish itself on the world music scene. Each component of the Muscle Museum places extreme attention to the study of the parts and the effects of sound, a study that constantly follows the evolution of the Muse sound through the history of their productions. The Muscle Museum also make use of stage material specifically designed to reproduce the scenic and visual effects of the sets used in the concerts of the Muses, and give a show of absolute depth.

The band's line-up reproduces exactly that adopted by the Muses starting in 2006 with the presence, on stage, of the fourth element responsible for the management of the effects for the voices and backingtracks played strictly live without resorting to sampling or recording.
The Muscle Museum appear in the link section of the official website of the English band (, are mentioned in various interviews and have obtained the nomination of "official tribute" directly from the Muse themselves.
MUSCLE MUSEUM have performed and performed throughout Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, Holland and England.

- electric set
- with string quartet
- acoustic set
Line up: 

– “Daev” Davide Fusaro ( lead vox,guitar,piano )
– Matteo Milani ( keyboards,backing vocal )
– Gianluca Maccari ( bass guitar,backing vocal )
– Filippo Ragazzoni ( drum,pad )
– Simone Saccomandi ( sound engineer )



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