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FLOYD ANIMAL - Tribute to Pink Floyd

When Pink Floyd announced that they would meet with their former partner Roger Waters to perform in London in the summer of 2005, their appearance almost came to obscure the importance of the event itself. Until then the Pink Floyd were still widely considered almost like a cult band and their mix of anonymity and inactivity public contributed to feeding a similar image... Floyd Animals is the new Italian reality in the world of "tribute" to the immense Pink Floyd. Pay tribute to one of the greatest Psychedelic / Rock bands of the last 50 years! A show made of faithful musical interpretation, images and play of light. The power, the sweetness, the dreamy atmospheres of the sound of Pink Floyd in a unique show that contains the major successes of the English band. A repertoire of "hits" without forgetting some "gem" for the most savvy audience.Floyd Animals are formed by musicians active for years both live and in the studio. Antonio Cordaro (guitar and main voice), one of the most faithful performersof the style of David Gilmour, is accompanied by Christian Moro on keyboards and second voice, Claudio Sannoner on bass, Nik Cordaro on drums, Piero Marras on guitars, Marcella Casciaro and Elena Caligiuri on choirs and Valentino Finoli on sax. No compromise, no double or on the stage !!! A real concert tribute to the great music of Pink Floyd!!! 

The band

Antonio Cordaro (Voice and Guitar)
Christian Moro (Voice and Keyboard)
Piero Marras (Guitar)
Claudio Sannoner (Bass)
Nicola Cordaro (Drums)
Davide Cereda (Sax)
Marcella Casciaro (Back Vocals)
Elena Caligiuri (Back Vocals)


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